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About Me

Hello, I am Bridget Farro. I have been doing what I love since February 2000. I moved to Las Vegas in 2013 when my husband John was offered a job here with Southwest Gas. This was a huge decision to leave the only home we have ever known and a business that i had grown for almost 10 years. We are sure happy with our decision to move here. I have been working at Icon Salon as a Las Vegas Stylist sense 2014 and i just love it. Everyone is friendly and the salon is so beautiful. I have a private suite that you will enjoy the privacy also.

I would love to show you what kind of hair color selection I have to choose from as well as the fabulous grey coverage part of my line that I love. I specialize in razor hair cutting as well. If you haven't had this done before, this is a texturing technique that is not for everyone but with proper use can be a very nice addition to the hair cut. This is the fun and creative part for me. I also still do perms. They seemed to fade away for a few year but are now coming back again. Perms don't have to be tights and frizzy. They can be soft and beachy. I Would love to hear from you to schedule your next hair cut, color or perm. Please feel free to browse my site and check out some of my work. I offer a private salon suite that all my salon guests enjoy. My salon guests also love that I am very time efficient. Contact me soon to book your next hair service.

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